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Visit Viseu on a Tour that will introduce you to this wonderful city.

Considered the best city to live in Portugal, Viseu is a happy city, always ready to receive with a smile who visits. Located in the heart of Portugal between the Serra da Estrela, Caramulo mountain range and the Montemuro mountain range, and in one of the oldest demarcated wine regions in Portugal, the famous and spectacular Dão wine speaks for itself! Also known as the garden city, the city of Grão Vasco or wine town, Viseu presents itself with a rich and valuable historical center, very well maintained and pleasant gardens and parks, and a vast architectural heritage. You can also enjoy fantastic works of street art. As the Viseans say, "Bem-haja" Viseu.

What will you find, experience and know in this tour in Viseu?

On our tour of Viseu, you can get to know the history of this ancient city dating back to the times of Castro. You will appreciate the Cava de Viriato, one of the greatest mysteries in the history of the city of Viseu and Portuguese archeology, and one of the most emblematic engineering works on the Iberian Peninsula. You can visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Viseu, built in the early twelfth century and the Museum of Grão Vasco with its beautiful works of art. Historical churches of great value, gold-toned altarpieces and many other references to various architectural periods. Strolling along the beautiful streets of the city is without a doubt the discovery of this charming old city. You can also visit the Dão Wine Manor and a few farms producing the famous and internationally awarded Dão wine.

  • Visit the Cathedral of Viseu
  • National Museum of Grão Vasco
  • Church of the Misericordia
  • Carmo Church
  • Cava do Viriato
  • Stroll through the emblematic streets of the city
  • Dão Wine Manor
  • Street Art itinerary

Why choose Secular Trips to organize my tour in Viseu?

Because visiting Viseu by the eyes and experience of those who know the territory makes perfect sense and is an added value to ensure the quality of your experience. Secular Trips de Aveiro is a company registered in Turismo de Portugal that has all the necessary legal and insurance requirements for its activity. He knows the territory deeply and gives his clients a fun, safe and comfortable trip. It is flexible and fast in response, with fair and affordable prices. We are a young and dynamic team that will do everything to enjoy a unique and memorable experience.

Suggestion of some Available Tours:

Tour of Viseu - Pack 1

  • Cathedral of Viseu (Church and Cloister)
  • Misericórdia de Viseu
  • Walking - Urban mesh (city walls and development)
  • Lunch (optional)

Tour of Viseu - Pack 2

  • Cava do Viriato
  • Funicular of Viseu
  • Cathedral of Viseu (Church and Cloister)
  • Misericórdia de Viseu
  • Walking - Urban mesh
  • Lunch (optional)

How does it work and how can I book my tour in Viseu?

To book your tour in Viseu, you have two options:

1ª - Choose one of the Tours we suggest and simply click on the "Book now" button. In this option you can select the desired date and the number of people. Payment will be made online with immediate confirmation of your reservation.

2 - Fill in the form available on this page, indicating the intended tour, date, time and number of participants. After submitting your reservation, we will contact you immediately. After payment you will receive the respective confirmation of your reservation.

If you want to prepare a tour with other options that are not in the list, just send us the form with what you want to do. After reviewing your request, we'll send you a quote for you.

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